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Posted by Marketing Seeflast on January 29, 2019

We will proudly organize several campaigns for krypto hunters. Prepare your position.


We will distribute 40 million SFT tokens on this campaign event, for 20K holders of Ethereum. Will take place on 1-5 February 2019. With requirements :

1. Join Telegram community.

2. Follow Twitter.

3.Retweet to friends with tag 2 of your friends.

4. Send 0 eth to the address of the smart contract SFT 0x8c5344637d2b14d1c2b340fe0a118580738198fb adjusts the standard gas setting.

5. Get the Token 500 SFT Token in your wallet immediately.

You too can get more, if you:

a. send 0.1 eth to get 4200 tokens.

b. send 1 eth can get 25,000 tokens.

to the contract address




We will share 20 million SFT tokens for 40K holders of Ethereum wallets. Will take place on February 6-25 2019

a.TW (share and follow)

b. FB (share and follow)

c. Join telegram group

d. Fill your email

e. Fill your wallet eth address

Link: SOON.



We will distribute 60 million SFT tokens for bounty hunters Will take place on 15-5 April 2019 by division :

a. Video 25%

b. Blog 25%

c. Twitter 12.5%

d. Facebook 12.5%

e. Instagram 10%

f. Reddit 10%

g. Telegram 5%